5 Reasons to Have a Professional Website for Your Business

Today, many powersports dealerships still do not have a professional website that is adapted to good marketing practices and, above all, to consumer expectations. A website with up to date and quality content is a solid base for the rest of your communications: posts on social media, newsletters, etc.

It is essential for any business to have a professional website. That’s it. And it’s just as true for dealerships. Whether it’s for your current customers to get in touch with you and hear from you or to reach new customers, your online storefront is your best ally in achieving your goals. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to have a website made by pros who know what they’re doing.

1. Relevant, effective and functional content

Having a website is good. Having a quality, relevant and beautiful website is even better! An out-of-date website with an aging design that does not adapt to cell phones… Consumers decide if they trust your company by consulting your website. If it does not meet their expectations, they will go elsewhere. Your competitors are only a few clicks away!

Your website should reflect your identity and provide clear information about your products and services. A purposeful website with a modern design, optimized for search engines (SEO) and adapted to all media (responsive design) allows you to reflect a good image, but also to be better referenced on third-party sites that will lead consumers straight to your company.

2. A privileged method of communication with your customers

Your website is a great tool to inform your visitors about many aspects of your business. Whether it’s contact information, product technical sheets or frequently asked questions, the website rounds out your customer service and marketing efforts to sell and inform, as well as help you grow your customer base.

The flexibility of a site also allows it to evolve at the pace of your business and to regularly inform customers of its developments. The clearer, more interesting and better optimized the information is, the more customers will be interested in your products and service.

3. An essential sales tool

Generally speaking, a website is a fantastic sales tool for any business. You can post your contact information, talk about your organization and team, post the latest news, and much more. But let’s get down to business. When browsing your site, what your customers want to see most of all are the products they can get from you: vehicles, parts, accessories, maintenance services, etc.

To play in the big league, you can have an online inventory management system that reflects what you actually have in your dealership. In addition to being reliable and synchronized with your DMS (Dealer Management System), our InStock platform allows you to propel your vehicles on all the other Web platforms where you want to sell your products: Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, etc. That’s what we call real pro work!

4. A valuable source of information

Any good website allows you, through tools like Google Analytics, to collect a lot of precise (and valuable!) information about your visitors and their browsing behaviour. This will allow you to better understand your customers’ tastes and adapt your offer, your content and your strategy to improve your conversion rate from visitors to customers.

5. Always on the lookout for the latest trends

Your web platform is a great tool to keep your customers informed of the latest industry and dealership news. Think of new product launches, important news, great promotions going on. Everything can be online and distributed very quickly!

With an accessible content manager that gives you the freedom to modify your site, the world is your oyster! Not very tech savvy? Don’t worry about it. In addition to building and uploading your website, we train you to be autonomous in managing your content.

Never miss an opportunity to sell and build a relationship with your customers. Call on the experts at Power Go to design your website and implement a relevant and effective marketing strategy.