Why an Online Store in 2024? Key Benefits for Motorsports Dealerships

The global Covid-19 pandemic has revealed to many industries the undeniable importance of an online presence to ensure business resilience and success. Motorsports dealers have not been exempt from this reality. As we continue to adapt to a rapidly evolving world, it has become evident that the ability to interact online is essential for thriving in today’s commercial landscape.

At Power Go, we’re aware of these challenges and are committed to providing you with the necessary technological tools to prosper in this dynamic environment. But why invest in an eCommerce online store in 2024? Here are some key reasons and how Power Go can help you seize this opportunity.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

person completing an online purchase while at the beach

Your online store ensures continuous presence for your dealership, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that your customers can explore your catalog and make purchases at any time that suits them, wherever they are. Whether on camping holidays, traveling, during work breaks, or even late at night outside store hours, your customers can always access your products and services.

This constant accessibility translates into a significant increase in sales and better customer retention, as your customers appreciate the convenience of being able to shop according to their schedules and commitments.

Say Goodbye to Inventory Management: Let Integration with Your DMS Do the Work

With Power Go, you can say goodbye to the hassles of inventory management. Our seamless integration with a wide range of dealer management systems (DMS), including Lightspeed, Lautopak, LARS, and many more, takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Prices and quantities are automatically updated, which means you can say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments.

Gone are the days of juggling between different platforms to update your inventory – everything is now automated. You can focus on what really matters: providing the best service to your customers and growing your dealership.

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Expand Your Product Range: Synchronize Your Inventory with Manufacturer Catalogs

Our integration with the parts, accessories, and clothing catalog allows you to expand your product range without needing to keep a physical inventory. Thanks to this feature, you can offer your customers a wider choice of spare parts for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and trailers, as well as direct delivery options from the supplier.

Moreover, we make available the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and accessories catalogs from renowned brands such as BRP and Kimpex, allowing you to access a diverse selection of products to meet your customers’ needs.

Stand Out with Loyalty

In a competitive landscape where the Internet levels opportunities, standing out becomes essential for motorsports dealers. At Power Go, our omni-channel loyalty program (LoyalAction) rewards every interaction your customers have with your dealership, whether in-store or online.

Your customers accumulate points with every service performed by you, every in-store purchase, or every order on your online store. What makes our program unique is the possibility for them to spend these points on your online store, offering a smooth and flexible experience. This allows you to maximize your ROI (return on investment) and strengthen your relationship with your customers, while increasing long-term sales and loyalty.

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In 2024, standing out in the world of motorsports dealerships is more crucial than ever. At Power Go, we understand the challenges of this constantly evolving commercial landscape and we’re here to help you thrive. Our range of technological solutions, including our omni-channel loyalty program, allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and build strong relationships with your customers.

Don’t leave the future of your dealership to chance. Turn challenges into opportunities for growth and success with Power Go. Contact us today to discover how we can propel your dealership to new heights.